Q. Why should you avoid getting Colour Bomb on the scalp?

 A. The colour bomb contains a temporary colour pigment which will stain the scalp. On visible areas such as the forehead this is no problem as you can see it and with some gentle rubbing with warm soapy water this will come off. Seeing it on the scalp is less obvious and more difficult to remove 

Q. How long will the product last?

 A. This varies on the type and condition of the hair, but approximately 8-12 washes.  The colour will lose its vibrancy as you wash the hair, so you may wish to reapply more frequently than this.  

Q. Will using the white platinum colour bomb make my brown hair lighter?

A. This product does not contain peroxide so it does not make your hair lighter.  It works on the actual colour of your hair, and with the tones in your hair. Therefore, if you applied Fire Red to white hair the result would be a very vibrant red colour.  However, if you applied Fire Red to dark brown hair the result would give your dark brown hair a subtle red tone. It you add Fire Red to highlighted hair, the highlights would continue to show through but with a red tone to them.  

Q. How many applications in a bottle?

A. On average you will get 10 applications from the bottle, however this depends on the type, length and condition of the hair? Long, thick, coloured hair will absorb much more product than short, fine, virgin hair.  

Q. Can I mix colours to get a new colour?

A. Yes, the colours are completely intermixable, but we suggest that you try any intermixed colour on a small, hidden piece of hair before applying in full. We are hoping to launch 7 more colours soon, so the choice will be much wider.  

Q. Will colour bomb damage my hair?

A. Unlike permanent colour, this does not contain ammonia and does not use hydrogen peroxide or bleach; which are the ingredients which damage your hair. It actually contains conditioning ingredients which will moisturise and add nourishment to the hair.